My Top Female Christian Singer Songwriters

I have compiled a list of female christian singer songwriters that inspired me a lot in my songwriting. Included are their albums and a link to it in case you would like to buy one (if you still haven’t)..

Most of their songs are truly inspirational and one of a kind. The craft of their songwriting is indeed amazing and it really helped me in my lyrics writing as well as in learning how to write a song from scratch that can make a difference.

My first on the list is

1. Brooke Fraser 

Brooke Gabrielle Fraser, better known as simply Brooke Fraser (born 15 December 1983) is a New Zealand award-winning folk-pop musician. Her third studio album Flags has become the most successful album of her career, with the single “Something in the Water” reaching number one on the RIANZ singles chart in 2010.

Fraser wrote the songs in bursts, making writing trips to the Appalachian mountains of North Carolina and Northern California’s Bodega Bay before she and her husband decamped from their home in Sydney, Australia, to Los Angeles in February 2010. Once in L.A., Fraser invited a group of local musicians, including guitarists Michael Chaves and David Levita (who played onAlbertine), to join her in the studio where they set Fraser’s powerful stories to exquisitely textured backdrops of acoustic and electric guitars, bass, drums, piano, strings, horns and wild percussion often played on the body parts of Brooke and the band themselves— creating an earthy, organic feel to the proceedings. The album was engineered and mixed by Joe Zook and produced by Fraser herself.

To get her latest albums, click the link below

Flags (Amazon MP3 Bonus Version) 



Something In The Water

What To Do With Daylight   

One of my favorite tracks from Brooke Fraser is her C.S. Lewis Song which you can watch over here

My second pick is

2. Darlene Zschech

Darlene Zschech is an Australian Pentecostal worship leader and singer-songwriter who primarily writes praise and worship songs. She is the former worship pastor of Hillsong Church and is currently a member of Compassionart, a charity founded by Martin Smith.

I always love her songs. They are so powerful and could really touch your heart. For me, she is just an amazing singer songwriter. Because of her, I am inspired to learn how to write a song or should I say, inspired to learn how to write lyrics to a song. I’m a HUGE fan of hers because not only she is a great singer songwriter but she is also a Pastor. Truly, she is one of a kind.


Songs written or co-written by Zschech include “Shout to the LordGod Is in the House (1996) ,  “I Will Run To You”,  “Touching Heaven Changing Earth (1998), “You Are My World (2001)”,  “Worthy Is the Lamb”, “Blessed(2002)  Reuben Morgan“,  “For All You’ve Done(2004)” “Mighty to Save(2006)”, “At the Cross” with Reuben Morgan“, “Saviour King(2007), “One Thing” with Marty Sampson”, This Is Our God(2008)”, “Faith + Hope + Love(2009)”,  “A Beautiful Exchange(2010)”, and  “Believe” with Reuben Morgan”

3. Miriam Webster

My last final pick is Miriam Webster, who is an Australian gospel, contemporary singer-songwriter.

She just released her solo album “Made Me Glad” which incredibly inspired most of songwriting. I love her voice, so deep and toned. I’m also amazed with all the lyrics writing she puts in her music.

I always sing her songs anywhere. It has been my last song syndrome ever and will forever be. Aside from “Made Me Glad”, she also written songs like “Angel of The Lord“, “Draw Near”, “Loving Kindness”, “Praise Him”, “Draw Near”, “Peace”, “Marvelous” and “Greater”.

So, what about you? What do you think are your best female christian singer songwriters? Please feel free to share it with us and why do youthink they are best….:-)

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