Here are some cool songwriting videos and tutorials you can use in learning how to write a song. Some of the videos I am posting are songwriting tips, recording acoustic guitar, and featured blogs to direct you to the tutorial site.

Hope this can help in any way for you as you are learning the craft of songwriting.

How To Write A Song HQ shares some songwriting tips for acoustic guitar using a technique called the G walk. Very fun and simple technique

How To Write A Song HQ shares a simple and very useful technique for songwriting on the acoustic guitar called the “E slide“. This will give you some variation in your chord library to give you some new ideas for songwriting

A tutorial on how to get your music onto iTunes and start selling your songs! is an official iTunes store content provider….it’s is really easy to use and not only uploads your music to iTunes but Amazon as well as all the other digital outlets.

The Zoom Q3HD has a much better audio subsystem than most cameras costing under $2000. Stereo directional mics, an option to turn of auto-level, wide bandwidth and low distortion, a line input, and PCM format should all add up to excellent audio. But some folks who visit the Homebrewed Music Blog and other discussion sites have complained about the quality of the audio from the Q. In this video I try

Syncing Audio with Video in REAPER: You can now edit video in REAPER!! The powerful FFmpeg library has been linked into the REAPER interface, giving us a new, powerful, easy to use tool for syncing audio with video, trimming the result, then rendering a new file.

Vocal – Guitar Separation using Figure 8 Mics: Many self-accompanied artists prefer to play while they sing. They may have a hard time achieving a satisfactory performance if they’re required to overdub. And since the performance is the point of recording, there is benefit from trying to accommodate them.

These are just some of the video tutorials of the myriad tutorial lists available online for songwriting. I find these picks worth seeing..However, don’t get mad as in my next post, I will try to make a list of links to the available video tutorials out there dealing with songwriting 🙂

If you happened to know cool video tutorials, then I also welcome it here. Just post the links in the comments below and tell us about it…

Til next time songwriters..

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